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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Zorin OS, a nice Windows and Mac alternative. The Linux Minute

Zorin OS - The Linux Minute

Zorin OS is one of those Linux operating system that not only looks nice on the outside, it play nice on the inside as well. 

Zorin OS is the alternative to Windows and macOS designed to make your computer faster, more powerful, secure, and privacy-respecting.

The operating system is even customizable to your preferences and likes. Here I have set the appearance and behavior to mirror the Windows 11 operating system.

This is the standard Windows 10 interface type, if that is your preference. This is set to this style by default when you install the operating system.

This version more closely resembles Windows 8 and 7, since the select menu item will render its name on the taskbar below.

This menu option is reminiscent of the Android operating system or the Mac OS as well.

Here is you standard , stick the menu and task bar on the side of the scree. This is handy if you need more screen real estate to work with when editing pictures.

This closely resembles a Mac style menu that can be used.

This is a more blown out version of the Mac menu, complete with the search bar when select the 9x9 grid of dots.

Now here we have the Windows 11 style interface, which is only available in the "PRO" version, which runs for around $40.

A nice side bar interface for you vertical pleasure.

Windows 7 standard interface.

As you can imagine, the OS comes complete with Libre Office, which is just as up to par as Microsoft Office 365 currently is. Even more so than MS O365. It just seems so much more robust and powerful than your standard install of MS0365.

In Zorin , we even have options provided for us for video and audio editing and podcasting. Just record your audio and then upload it to your favorite podcasting service. In the video realm, as with the audio, edit your final product in one of the many video editors that are free to download and then upload your video to the platform of your choosing. Some apps even let you upload the video directly to the platform, including Davinci Resolve(yes, you can down load and edit your videos for free with no watermark, up to 1080P), KDEN Live , and many others.

Gaming is a breeze in Zorin as well. Here I am playing Command and Conquer, that is free to download as well. I wonder if it will be raining?

Nighttime mode is activated, and for this desktop theme it has two colors of mountain ranges, THis is the sundown mode.

Next up is the weather app, it is installed by default and finds your weather forecasts for your local area, very easily.

The settings menu is relatively easy to navigate as well since it resembles a windows setting interface.

And as you might of guessed, it also auto updates itself as well. You can also turn off the auto updates if you so choose to.

You can also choose to skip the updates, that is if you are still working on documents, and what not.

The Zorin store is complete as well. Since it runs on two different Linux builds, Ubuntu and Debian, it has flatpack install capability as well as DEB and SNAP. Even though it has 3 different install libraries that it can pull from, I have never encountered any issues with the OS failing after an update. I run my build on a HP G3 600 series Quad Core i5-6500 series CPU with 16GB of ram.

Here is a better view of the store and some of the apps that reside there. There are many more programs listed in the store and 90% of them have free options for download. You can preview what is inside the store by running the Live Version of the program, which just runs the OS from the USB stick you imaged it to, without over writing anything in the main hard drive of your computer. So read the last two parts of the review about shutdown procedures and download Zorin OS today!

Shutting the computer down is just as easy as shutting down a Windows machine. Just select the menu interface, in this case the letter Z icon. Then select the power button over to the right to receive your power options

Now the final task is just to select the Power Off button and your Zorin OS computer will safely shut down.


Click on the link below and download ZORIN OS today!

Download Zorin OS

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