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Thursday, June 9, 2022

The Sony PlayStation "PSX" Mini Classic


The menu of the Sony PlayStation Mini Classic, and no mods are installed. You can plug a jump drive into the front USB port, but you lose a controller port, so no 2 player games. You can also open the unit up and modify the system to have a USB stick permanently plugged into the USB micro port on the back. You can then upload games to the system as a USB drive and then when ready to play plug the system into power and let her rip.

Oh the look of this logo is so grand that I have this on a hat, a short and some cups.

CAPCOM, to be clear, not the idiots that fucked up the Apollo program. Just video game makers that chose a cool name while in Japan, so no copyright holding. That and the Space Program CAPCOM forgot to copyright their own name. Dumbshits.

So many hours were wasted playing this game and yet we put up with the ridicoulus video input from the people that made the game.

Barry: Why the hell are we even out here?!
Wesker: To get the money to pay for acting lessons?
Jill Valentine: It's too late for you, Wesker.
Wesker: Oh. Ok.

Hello Rebecca Chambers, and how.

How many people were hot after her when they played this game. I know I was and was romantically involved with a girl named Amy that looked just like her. oh yeah that was a treat, and yes I was divorced and single at the time.

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