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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

The SNES Mini Classic


I used Hakchi to mod the SNES Mini Classic and uploaded 45 more games to the system. I love playing SimCity on the system. Here is the logo that you are faced with every time the system boots. In the newer version though, you can stop the splash screen from appearing now or place one of your own.

Here is the menu now after I have modded the system and I now have around 75 games, maybe more.

I think my citizens hate my guts. I adorned my house with a large $ symbol made out of trees.

After all I have forced them to live in low income housing. Look at all those residential areas crammed in together. Usually they are a block wide the size of that Hospital in the shape of a cross.

Apparently SimCity is mimicking real life, and no one wants to work. See all those I's, those are industrial jobs.

The railway station is nicely done though. I pat myself on the back.

I have found a way to get power lines to a location without running a new set of lines and messing up the scenery. Just lay the power lines on the rail way and they auto connect.

Super Mario World, with unlimited lives.

I already spent off 29 lives before I did a screen grab for the post.  :P

That unobtainable treasure. usually I am small when I get down here and can not get to it, but I can now.

I am trying to hide in behind the midway check point, but it does not seem to be working.

But I digress, I am gaming to the nines so that I can get through my COVID incident.  Time to play Super Batman!

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