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Friday, June 3, 2022

So, how do you COVID?

So, now that since I have contracted COVID-19, I have gone as far as to relocate the blogging machine to another part of the house. I am now using a newly minted HP monitor, the last of the silver series as a monitor for my retro classic mini consoles.

The first up is the NES Mini Classic. It is not modded in any way, but I have been thinking about adding more roms to it of course. It currently has the stock amount of roms, but there are some that I loved to play back in the day at the time of their release, that I would love to play again. RoboCop, Blaster Master, Breakout, TMNT and many more. Less we can not forget the classic Batman series. Many a hot summer nights were spent playing that on the 36 inch color tv in the front room just waiting for the rainstorm to come through, sipping on ice tea and eating corndogs.

Next up we have the SNES Mini Classic. This I have modded and it now has over 75 games, possibly 125. I think that is the max you can go before you overload the storage buffers.

The Sony PSX Mini Classic is not modded but I have a plan to mod it and add up to 200 games on it. Some people complain that it runs slow or bad, but I have never ran into that. Maybe mine was changed.

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