" Primeguey Presents...: June 19th Week is now officially over, Time to jam!

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Friday, June 24, 2022

June 19th Week is now officially over, Time to jam!

 June 19th Week is now officially over. In observance of June 19th, I can now post since it is the end of the business day and I am now at home. I apologize for not posting all week. 

I am now running an emulator on the Raspberry Pi that will let me emulate synthesizers and recreate the old school video game sounds all the way down to the Atari 2600. I will attempt to make music with it all as well. Here is the synth program that will run in Windows 7,8,10,11 / Mac OS / Linux x86 and Linux for ARM like Rasbian for the raspberry pi.

Bespoke is a software modular synthesizer. It contains a bunch of modules, which you can connect together to create sounds. It also comes with 190+ VST Modules, MIDI Controller Support, access to all future updates, access to all documentation.

Bespoke is like a DAW* in some ways, but with less of a focus on a global timeline. Instead, it has a design more optimized for jamming and exploration.

Bespoke is a project I started in 2011 as a way for me to learn more about creating music. Instead of putting in the time to learn the intricacies of an existing DAW, I took on a foolhardy exercise to try to build my own. The software is custom built by me and for me, hence the name "Bespoke".

Bespoke's core design is to break everything into separate modules that can be patched together in a custom layout, much like a hardware modular. Bespoke is designed to be highly customizable, with the idea that any of the custom layouts that you create will be "bespoke" to you as well.

In a way, Bespoke is like if I smashed Ableton to bits with a baseball bat, and asked you to put it back together.

*("DAW" means "digital audio workstation", which is a fancy term for music production software)


Bespoke has releases for Mac, Windows, and Linux.
It is open source, licensed with GPLv3.

Bespoke is free, but you can pay for it if you want. All versions are identical.
Your payment goes directly to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.
Here is a feature matrix for the pricing tiers:

You can join the Discord for discussion and support, and you can follow development progress on GitHub.

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