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Sunday, May 1, 2022

The Raspberry Pi blog writer

 I have successfully turned a Raspberry Pi 4b+ 8gb model into a full time blog writing station. I know that many will think that it is a waste, but I needed a dedicated writing station since my blog obtains so many views, so I need to keep up with the content.

Right now I am writing this on the RPI keyboard, and as sexy as it looks, the "i" key no longer responds when typing out a full word with the letter "i" in the middle.  So I have to be extra cautious when typing out until my new mac mini keyboard comes in via FedEx today.

I have setup the browser to open directly to my blog input page and when the Pi starts up it automatically boots chromium and the default page, my blog writer page, into full screen.

It really provides a nice environment to write into, kind of like making a dedicated writing machine for just writing books and what not. I am looking into modifying some type of writing program to do this and post directly to the website, but for now, this will do nicely.

That will do, Donkey, That will do/

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