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Thursday, May 19, 2022

No internet, no lights, no motorcar, not a single luxury

    No internet, no lights no motorcar, not a single luxury. In seriousness though, I have no internet, that is until they come out to replace my modem Friday, which is tomorrow. I am thinking about having fiber internet install because it is set at 1gbp upload and download. That will make my video game playing and video posting so much easier.

    In the interest of Emulation and emulators, I am currently making a video on how to install Batocera and what settings and system roms you will need for them to properly operate. Currently 99 knights runs just fine lag free on a Lenovo 9200 with no hiccups.

    I am making this video since Yabause is no longer supported and has had no updates since 2016, which would classify it as abandoned software. Medfen can be a bit of a chore to setup and get to run on Windows 11 and MacOS so I figured grabbing a I5 7th gen pc was easy and cheap enough, or if you have one laying around, that it can be transformed into a Batocera arcade machine that can also run Windows games, DOS 6.5 games and Steam games as well. 

    I am really interested in playing my steam games on the system when I get it booted up. Even better yet, I will show how to modify the interface and settings to make it look like a PS4 style interface so it looks updated and not like some back alley trash that someone threw together in their spare time in school for a project.

So until then, stay safe, and "Emulate your World".

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