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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

How to train your dragon, irl.

 I will be now using a voice to text program to post my blogs. It is Nuance: Dragon Naturally Speaking, and it should perform really well. We will see how well this program will perform. For the moment I have concluded that to use this properly , you will need a good quality headset.

 I attempted to use a substandard USB headset that had average results. When I switched to my Sennheiser headset it worked flawlessly. The Microsoft LifeChat worked out just as well and my Cardioid boom mic connected to a vacuum tube PreSonus pre amp and then into an Alesis Multixmix 8 sound board, had the best results. of course.

Also in other merchandise news:

Here is the logo for new merchandise as well. It will be on pillows and hats as well as tshirts. It is copywriten as well so no stealing.  :P

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