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Saturday, May 14, 2022

Blog Writer 2.0

Good Day and welcome.

Now that I built my blog writer I thought I was going to be able to post on a daily basis, but I was so overworked from my job that I was sleeping when I arrived home and then woke up for work the next day.

Never fear though. I will be posting daily once again starting on Monday 05.16.2022.

Did I mention that I am now using a mac keyboard and mouse now for my blogwriter machine. I was able to purchase it from a used computer recycler that verified that it was used for about a week before it was handed over to them. So I was able to purchase this Mac Mouse and keyboard for around $20 USD.

It might of been a straight deal because they both run on alkaline batteries, but they are both in mint condition as they sit, so I feel like I got one hell of a bargain.

So lets recap; I now own a silver and white Mac Keyboard and mouse, used on my white and red Raspberry Pi 4+b 8gb Ram board, on a black computer monitor.  Color Mismatched for all.

I found a silver and white case on the website, and I will be purchasing that to house the RPI 4+. As for the monitor, I am going to dissemble the whole ThinkVision monitor unit and paint the casing of the monitor flat white with Krylon Fusion White Primer. Then I will apply two coats of flat white then 3 coats of gloss white and then 4 coats of clear lacquer clear coat for automotive finishes.  It will look great when done and have that deep white finish that all Macs have.

Technically, the monitor is thick enough to place the Raspberry Pi 4+ inside of , but I am worried about overheating issues. IT would make it an all in one Blogging machine though, with bluetooth capabilities though.

Have a good day!

p.s. I will be posting again several times today and tomorrow until my regular schedule begins.

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