Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Yabause Emulator for the Sega Saturn, is officially dead.

So now we either use Medfen for Windows, Linux or MacOS, or we just install Batocera on a drive and be done with it. The Yabause Emulator for the Sega Saturn, is officially dead and the latest build was release in mid 2016.

Personally I choose Batocera because it is easy to add roms to the pc that you install Batocer on. That is right, it is an entire operating system that takes over your machine. This is why some people just set it up to play on a dedicated machine. Personally I use a Lenovo M9200, but I just purchased a HP G4 800 series from my local computer recycling company. So I will be making a complete video on how to do this and I will post the video to this site.

Monday, May 16, 2022

Oh so much fun

 What another fun work day to start with, and here about my ramblings and bitchings. At least you get to see how life is on the other side of the fence. I do work at a college after all, and in the IT department none the less.

Since graduation was last week, the student laptops will begin to flood in and it will be up to a 4 man team to re-image or recycle all 3,550 laptops. Well not all of them, only the graduating class of about 300 or so. :P

And be weary of the Amazon bear living in your bank account. They double charged me for my yearly subscription and screwed so much stuff up that now I have to get it fixed, and on a budget. FML as the term goes.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Picture Day

 So today was picture day, so I took a ton of super macro pic that I will post tomorrow. I used a digital microscope to take the pics. Oddly enough it works as a decent telescope too.

Just watching some weird ass anime right now. " Life with an ordinary guy who reincarnated as a fantasy knockout" It is an isekai and ecchi all at the same time. no hentai though, lol.

Stay tuned for the pics tomorrow. The digital microscope was powered by a power bank connected to a usb c to usb adapter that requires power. So I plugged it into my phones USB c port and was able to take macro pictures with it and some nicely zoomed pictures of the distance. 

Take care and sleep well, almost midnight here.

Good night.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Blog Writer 2.0

Good Day and welcome.

Now that I built my blog writer I thought I was going to be able to post on a daily basis, but I was so overworked from my job that I was sleeping when I arrived home and then woke up for work the next day.

Never fear though. I will be posting daily once again starting on Monday 05.16.2022.

Did I mention that I am now using a mac keyboard and mouse now for my blogwriter machine. I was able to purchase it from a used computer recycler that verified that it was used for about a week before it was handed over to them. So I was able to purchase this Mac Mouse and keyboard for around $20 USD.

It might of been a straight deal because they both run on alkaline batteries, but they are both in mint condition as they sit, so I feel like I got one hell of a bargain.

So lets recap; I now own a silver and white Mac Keyboard and mouse, used on my white and red Raspberry Pi 4+b 8gb Ram board, on a black computer monitor.  Color Mismatched for all.

I found a silver and white case on the geekpi.com website, and I will be purchasing that to house the RPI 4+. As for the monitor, I am going to dissemble the whole ThinkVision monitor unit and paint the casing of the monitor flat white with Krylon Fusion White Primer. Then I will apply two coats of flat white then 3 coats of gloss white and then 4 coats of clear lacquer clear coat for automotive finishes.  It will look great when done and have that deep white finish that all Macs have.

Technically, the monitor is thick enough to place the Raspberry Pi 4+ inside of , but I am worried about overheating issues. IT would make it an all in one Blogging machine though, with bluetooth capabilities though.

Have a good day!

p.s. I will be posting again several times today and tomorrow until my regular schedule begins.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

The Raspberry Pi blog writer

 I have successfully turned a Raspberry Pi 4b+ 8gb model into a full time blog writing station. I know that many will think that it is a waste, but I needed a dedicated writing station since my blog obtains so many views, so I need to keep up with the content.

Right now I am writing this on the RPI keyboard, and as sexy as it looks, the "i" key no longer responds when typing out a full word with the letter "i" in the middle.  So I have to be extra cautious when typing out until my new mac mini keyboard comes in via FedEx today.

I have setup the browser to open directly to my blog input page and when the Pi starts up it automatically boots chromium and the default page, my blog writer page, into full screen.

It really provides a nice environment to write into, kind of like making a dedicated writing machine for just writing books and what not. I am looking into modifying some type of writing program to do this and post directly to the website, but for now, this will do nicely.

That will do, Donkey, That will do/

Yabause Emulator for the Sega Saturn, is officially dead.

So now we either use Medfen for Windows, Linux or MacOS, or we just install Batocera on a drive and be done with it. The Yabause Emulator fo...