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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Will XtraPC really make your PC like new?

This is not an advertisement or a paid endorsement.

Will XtraPC really make your PC like new? I am sorry but this "new product that is revolutionary" and can make an PC seem like new, is not a new concept. In fact, all this "pc on a stick" really is , is a Linux Live USB Install.

The fact that their advertising tag line is this, "A clever new device is saving people hundreds (even thousands) and the big computer companies aren't happy about it!". This is laughable. Big companies don't give a rats ass about small companies. Hell sometimes they try to help out the little guy and the fact that this advertisement tries to prey upon your fear that big corporations are evil and want to shut down small software developers is laughable as well.

The fact that this PC on a stick, is nothing more than a Linux Live USB install, they actually have the nerve to charge $35 for this 4GB USB drive. Even if it was a 8GB drive, it would only be worth $15, so is it a total scam. In all actuality, it is not a scam. If you think about the man hours that they put in to customize the OS and make it fully compatible with older devices. That would actually have to take rummaging through many distros and choosing the packaged that you want included with the system. Then they have it flashed to a USB drive and shipped to their warehouse and then sell it to you making a nice profit margin.

I can not say that I blame them really since it is a business, but I can not believe that beta testers jumped at the chance to buy it for $400. If they knew anything about computers then they could tell it was a Linux Live USB Install drive and then would just download it from the stick to another USB drive. lol

The deceptive marketing to get the product out there should be erased from existence and instead they should really focus on how the USB stick can run a OS that was made for thin runs and installs. I wonder if there is a catch and they have it locked down so you cant install it to a hard drive. I watched all the videos and can not spot a Live Install icon or prompt anywhere. Almost like they don't want it to leave that tiny stick.

Even if it was installed to the hard drive the computers would still boot just as fast, Maybe just a couple seconds slower since it would be on a platter drive instead of flash drive, but hey it is all the same if you have a new OS and no stick poking out the side of your computer like some bad wart or growth from the middle ages.

Speaking of deceptive advertising...they have fake Facebook posts for reviews at the bottom of the "advertorial" Like it is an advertisement and a tutorial. Please I could write a better tutorial and give old PC users 8 reasons why they should buy this thing than their poorly deceptive advertisement can.

Maybe I am just being too harsh, I don't know, but when Intel even has a Linux Operating System called Clear OS and they give it away free, at least these guys could come up with an honest ad instead of trying to dupe people as suckers. Am I saying that they should disclose their device as one that you can self make at home. Definitely not since the people that this device is more than likely aimed at have issues just updating windows or their cell phone. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying they are targeting stupid people, I am just saying that some are technologically stunted and have a hard time learning and keeping up with new things.

If they offered 24/7 tech support for this device for the first year, and then subscribe for additional years, then they would have a huge hit on their hands. And all that for only being a Live Linux USB Install on a stick.

And you really want to know what the craziest part about all of this is? Charging for Linux is not so bad really, as long as you support it. Linspire even charges $50 for a license ,but you get support for a year or so and access to a vast library of programs setup in an app type store. Yes I know that every distro has one, but Linspire has apps that only work with their distro and some specifically built for it.

Hell, I even want to buy on of these XtraPC USB sticks to see how well everything is built and how well it will actually work on an older computer. So developers, if you are reading this, you can send me one too. :P

I have a HP Dual core Pentium that I want to try it on that runs pretty decently with some other operating system in the Linux genre.

Not to mention my Lenovo M53 Tiny PC that runs Elementary OS or even my Mid2011 MacMini with its 3rd generation quad core i5 and 16gb of ram would be a good test machine for XtraPC.

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