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Monday, February 3, 2020

Create a Linux Live USB Drive

Hello Everyone and welcome to the Linux Minute Beginning tutorial on how to get started with Linux, and abandon all Windows.

The first thing we will need to do is determine which OS we are going to use to format the USB drive and then write the ISO or image to the drive.

I will cover a basic Linux format mainly because if you are on Linux you could be on any one of the many systems that exist. Gparted is the best software to format SD cards and USB flash drives on Linux. That will be up next in the article.

So if we are stating with Windows go ahead and navigate to the links below and down load the installer to your computer so that we may format the USB drive.

SD Formatter for Windows 10

SD Formatter for MacOSX

For Linux it is easy enough to just format a usb drive using GParted.

Watch the demonstration video

  • You can install it from Ubuntu Software Center or any other software center by searching for GParted
  • Or install from the command-line:
    • sudo apt install gparted

Or you can just use the command line.
  • This command will show the USB drive and volumes on your computer that you use:
    • lsblk 
  • You can also use:
    • df 
  • If your drive is named /dev/sdy1. then unmount it with:
    • sudo umount /dev/sdy1 
  • Now format drive with the FAT32 file system format:
    • sudo mkfs.vfat -F 32 /dev/sdy1

Now that the program is downloaded go ahead and install the program in your preferred directory.

Now that you have the program installed go ahead and open the program. Now select the drive letter that your USB drive is located at and be careful not to select your hard drive which is drive C:\ .

You can select quick format and the click on the Format button.

If you are using Windows it will format it for Fat32

If you are formatting it in MacOSX it will format it in ExFat2.

You can change to which file format you ultimately want in the settings.

The SD Card Formatter program was made for SD cards, but USB drives utlize the same memory technology so they can be used with the program as well.

Go ahead and accept that you understand that all data will be erased on the device.

Next we will need to download the program to write the ISO or image to the USB drive.

The overall best one to use is called Balena Etcher.
Click on the link to download the program.

Balena Etcher for Windows 10

Balena Etcher for MacOSX

Balena Etcher for Linux

Go ahead and click on the install program and install the program onto your machine.

Next we will go out and download a ISO file that we can use to write to our USB drive and make a Live Linux Install.

Here you can download the ISO and donate however much you want to to the developers who create these wonderful Operating systems on their own time.

Click on the download button and you will receive a prompt to download via magnet link or from a localized server. Since there are no local servers nearby we must choose the magnet link.

Download the file and then get Etcher ready for our next step by clicking install.

Now let Etcher run for the first time.

Now that we are in Etcher it is pretty easy step at this point. Just select the Image + Then select the Drive + Now Click Flash!

In a matter of no time you first USB Linux Live Install is done and ready to test out.

Just click finish and place the live Drive in any usb port of a pc you want to test out and boot that PC up.  If you have a standard PC then holding F12 will give you a boot menu where you can select your USB Drive by its name, Like mine ius called Imation so I select Imation 8GB.

Once the drive is selected press enter and the the Linux Live USB will fire up and you will be riding the Linux Lightning in no time!

You will have the option while testing, to install the Linux Operating system on the local Hard Drive, to which it will give you two options: Dual Boot or Complete wipe. I myself perform multiple OS booting Systems, but do so at your own risk.

Enjoy :)


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