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Monday, February 17, 2020

Installing Linux Lite 4.8,formally Windows 12 Lite 4.8

Installing Linux Lite 4.8, formally known as Windows 12  Lite 4.8

Creating Windows 10 Environment replica in Linux

When this tutorial was originally posted I copied it to a html file onboard my pc just in case the developers were forced to change the page. I host none of the links to the OS , I have merely posted a tutorial to install a Linux OS with a few language corrections, and how to make it look like Windows. If you want too.
With that much said and to further ado, here we go.

This is the Lite 4.8 desktop with the Windows 10 background. You can change the backgrounds. Lite comes with a Welcome background of many languages and we have changed it to Windows 10 by adding it to the Pictures folder, then selecting it as background using the Desktop Settings. This desktop is far superior in every respect to Windows 10. This is not Microsoft it is now Windows 12 Lite.

This uses the Lite 4.8 LTS desktop and the Feather wallpaper as a background which we change to Windows 10 wallpaper. We show you how to make desktop slide show that cycle through the wallpapers changing with a preset time.

Lite's 4.8 desktop is designed for those who migrate from Windows 7 with the Lite background. You just add it to your pictures then select it as background using System settings.

All the problems of the poor operating system are solved with Windows 12 Lite 4.8 a really great operating system.

It can also be a replacement for Windows 10 you can dual boot with Windows 10 and you will have a far better operating system this is one of the worlds fastest and best. If you just have Windows you can install on the whole disk or choose to boot alongside your Windows. 

Here you choose which operating system to boot with on this screen. This will be the very first screen you will see every time you start your dual boot system. If you do not automatically select a choice in 15 seconds then Windows 10, which is the primary partition, will be booted up.

If you want to make space for the installation and set the size by resizing a partition, or you want to add other operating systems as well then you choose first to install Lite as a live version. You then can modify your partitions by selecting the Menu and settings then run NTFS partitions which uses Gparted. 

You can search Google or Youtube for Gparted videos.

If the hard drive already has Windows installed, continue here.

When installing you have choices so you should choose Start Linux Lite. This installs in ram a Live version. You may use it as you usually do to find out how good the operating system so set your WiFi up start Firefox and enter in the address bar webhouses.co.uk/lite to come back to this page.

You can test it out by following all the procedures outlined below. Or use the Office to make documents and add photos in your Pictures folder. Remember though, your work is only in your ram and will disappear when you click on the Installer icon to start the installation. If you want to restore them after installation save the folders to a USB Flash or a Read Write DVD.

With Lite there is no need to buy anti-virus programs to help save you from the perils of Microsoft Windows. Anyway most experts say they are only 20% effective. You generally have to pay for software to run on Windows on this distro you can download more than 80,000 plus free programs through the software manager almost all superior than Windows equivalents.

We suggest you use this as it is the best operating system for Windows 7 users who want to have another similar desktop. It is the Windows 12 Lite 4.8 operating system. It is ideal also for older laptops and desktops. This desktop is chosen as it is very similar to Windows 10 with the panel at the bottom just like Windows and a Feather Menu icon replacing the Windows icon on the left of the bottom panel. Just like Windows clicking on this Feather Menu icon gives a Menu of programs. All the best programs are pre-installed on this smart intuitive desktop.

This traditional desktop similar to a Windows 10 Desktop is really easy to use and you can learn many of the powerful features in about five minutes. It has many features that Windows does not have. It is three times faster than Windows and for gamers it has a much higher definition and smoother. It is best installed alongside Windows on your hard drive as a dual boot allowing you to choose which operating system you want to use. When you click on Lite on the start screen it is really fast booting in 20 seconds on modern machines with SSD drives.

When you have tested the Live version you should be ready to install it now to your hard drive. You must first decide on whether you want to dual boot. This is the best option if you want to keep your Windows. When you duel boot you can save all your files from your Windows to your Lite desktop. You will see your Windows drive on the desktop so you can double click on it which fetches up the file manager in the Windows partition your files will be in the users folder. You just click on them and the appropriate program will be called to see them and you can edit and save your files to either system. If you have no more use for Windows then you will have a second choice of installing Lite on the whole hard drive and all Windows and it's files will be erased.

To install click on the Installer icon on the desktop and just follow the instructions. The most important is the choice when you get to the installation options screen with the radio buttons. The first highlighted is for dual booting and will say found Windows do you want to install alongside. If this is not the case then you will need to stop the installation and make space either with Gparted in the Live Lite or go back to Windows and using Disk Management resize your NTFS Windows partition. The second option button is for installing on the whole hard drive. After installation it returns to the live screen so just remove the installation media and switch off. Switch on again and it will give you a choice if you have taken the duel boot option. You have 7 second to decide otherwise it will boot into Lite in about 20 seconds. If you have installed on the whole drive there is no option and will boot in about 20 seconds

After installation of Linux Lite you need to add the Windows 10 wallpaper so you can change the wallpaper to the Windows 10.

Now you save the Windows 10 image in your pictures folder. This is the image save it by right clicking on the image and choose save as then file it in your folder Pictures with the name superwindows.png

1. Go to the menu the Lite icon the far left of the bottom panel and click then click on settings.

2. Next click on Desktop this will fetch up the Desktop wallpapers.

3.Now click on any of the wallpapers and your Desktop will change to the wallpaper.

Click apply to all workspaces and click "Close".

Click on the Folder: xfce Change it to Other then select your Name on the left this then shows all your folders then click on Pictures. This will display all your pictures select superwindows.png the Windows 10 wallpaper you have previously saved in your pictures folder this will then be on your desktop.

Click on the Menu

move to settings and scroll down to Settings Manager (Graphical Settings Manger) and click the Settings Manger will appear.

Then click on Power Manager then on display move the slider to never if you are on a desktop or a laptop set for 30 minutes this will avoid losing your screen and having to enter you password again.

Right click on Settings Graphical Manager and select add to desktop.

You will find your User Files icon on the desktop.

Now double click on this. Your Files Manager will appear.

1. On the left side you will see a File system that shows the Volumes/partitions. Click on the top line File and New Windows then you will have a second Files folder. Click on Pictures you will see your windowssuper.png that is your wallpaper. Right click and add Folder and name it as Pictures from Windows.

You will copy your Windows pictures into this folder click on the folder to open it then you will see an empty folder. Now click on Your Windows 7 volume in the other Files Window You will have to enter your password now to enter your Windows volume.

You will then see all the folders of your Windows 7 now click on Users then the Folder with your user name on. Click on Pictures and then right click to copy the folder, or use the short cut cntrl C. Now go to the other Files folder you have open hover over the empty space right click and then click paste, or use the short cut cntr V. Your Windows Pictures will be transferred to your Lite file system.

Now repeat 1. again this time for Documents putting them in your Documents folder on your Lite system. When they are copied you may copy Videos or any other folder you wish. If you choose to copy downloads then these will save in case your Windows files are corrupted, or you may try to run .exe files with PlayonLinux this is an application you can use to run Windows on the Lite desktop. Close the File Manager Windows when all the copying has been done.

Now let us load a program find in the Menu in All Add/Remove Software right click on it and click on Add to Desktop. Then double click on the new Yellow Add/Remove icon on the desktop to start the Synaptics Package Manager.

Click on the search then Enter chrome when you see the chrome browser click on the selector then Mark for installation. Then on the top line Apply. The pop up next will say what is going to be installed click on Apply

Now let us install PlayonLinux. By installing with the terminal. This is far easier than using the Lite Synaptics Package Manager. Go to the Menu Click on it to show all the Menu then settings and then Xfce Terminal. Click on it and enter in the terminal at the $sign. sudo apt install playonlinux.

You then need to enter your password. It will find the package and ask you to confirm click Y and it will install. After it has installed go again to the Menu

Click on it to show all the
Menu and in the search bar type play then Playonlinux will be outlined in blue.

2. Right click the Blue Bar and click on Add to Desktop. Repeat this and add to the Panel.

Do this for apps that will be used often. So that when clicking on the panel, it  only requires one click.

To get to the Desktop, requires a double click action.

Now launch it by double clicking on the Desktop icon you have just added to your desktop.

PlayonLinux runs Windows programs on the Linux desktop it also has a lot of the usual Windows programs that are pre-installed

Repeat steps 1 to 2 in order to put on the desktop these most used apps. K3B (for writing DVD/CD's (only needed if you have a cdrom.) There is already a DVD writer Xfburn on your menu so try both to see which suits you best. Skype, Whatsapp you will also need Whatsapp on your phone to work on your desktop as well.

These programs do not need to be installed as they are already on your Menu so you can add them to your Desktop if you want: Gimp (photo image writer like photoshop but quicker and better) VLC Media Player for sounds and radio, the Lite Package Installer where you can search for many programs.

Add the Lite Add/Remove Software Installer to your desktop try it out on a program that you have heard of. If you want to design websites then install Filezilla and Geany. You will find it useful to add them on the panel at the same time so they are grouped together, or you may wish to right click and move them within the panel.

The Lite Add/Remove Software Installer is not the best. See in the videos how to add another two better ones. You can also add other features it recommends.

You can see some videos of Linux Lite Windows 10 Replica here.  

If you want to have wallpapers that change every 10 minutes, or have a time set to change them?

Then it is very simple and we show you how 

You may find that the sound does not work if you are using a HDMI terminal. If you have this problem click on the Sound icon on the right of the bottom panel. Click on Audio Digital Stereo (HDMI) In the pop up select the HDMI.

If you are looking for a particular Windows program that you cannot find as the names are different within the Linux world then google an "alternative program for Linux" you will then find many alternatives choose one and follow the instructions to install on the website or try searching for it in the Lite Synaptics Package Manager.

You can contact  the developer here     

If  you liked this then please share with your friends. They will be pleased with your generosity.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Will XtraPC really make your PC like new?

This is not an advertisement or a paid endorsement.

Will XtraPC really make your PC like new? I am sorry but this "new product that is revolutionary" and can make an PC seem like new, is not a new concept. In fact, all this "pc on a stick" really is , is a Linux Live USB Install.

The fact that their advertising tag line is this, "A clever new device is saving people hundreds (even thousands) and the big computer companies aren't happy about it!". This is laughable. Big companies don't give a rats ass about small companies. Hell sometimes they try to help out the little guy and the fact that this advertisement tries to prey upon your fear that big corporations are evil and want to shut down small software developers is laughable as well.

The fact that this PC on a stick, is nothing more than a Linux Live USB install, they actually have the nerve to charge $35 for this 4GB USB drive. Even if it was a 8GB drive, it would only be worth $15, so is it a total scam. In all actuality, it is not a scam. If you think about the man hours that they put in to customize the OS and make it fully compatible with older devices. That would actually have to take rummaging through many distros and choosing the packaged that you want included with the system. Then they have it flashed to a USB drive and shipped to their warehouse and then sell it to you making a nice profit margin.

I can not say that I blame them really since it is a business, but I can not believe that beta testers jumped at the chance to buy it for $400. If they knew anything about computers then they could tell it was a Linux Live USB Install drive and then would just download it from the stick to another USB drive. lol

The deceptive marketing to get the product out there should be erased from existence and instead they should really focus on how the USB stick can run a OS that was made for thin runs and installs. I wonder if there is a catch and they have it locked down so you cant install it to a hard drive. I watched all the videos and can not spot a Live Install icon or prompt anywhere. Almost like they don't want it to leave that tiny stick.

Even if it was installed to the hard drive the computers would still boot just as fast, Maybe just a couple seconds slower since it would be on a platter drive instead of flash drive, but hey it is all the same if you have a new OS and no stick poking out the side of your computer like some bad wart or growth from the middle ages.

Speaking of deceptive advertising...they have fake Facebook posts for reviews at the bottom of the "advertorial" Like it is an advertisement and a tutorial. Please I could write a better tutorial and give old PC users 8 reasons why they should buy this thing than their poorly deceptive advertisement can.

Maybe I am just being too harsh, I don't know, but when Intel even has a Linux Operating System called Clear OS and they give it away free, at least these guys could come up with an honest ad instead of trying to dupe people as suckers. Am I saying that they should disclose their device as one that you can self make at home. Definitely not since the people that this device is more than likely aimed at have issues just updating windows or their cell phone. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying they are targeting stupid people, I am just saying that some are technologically stunted and have a hard time learning and keeping up with new things.

If they offered 24/7 tech support for this device for the first year, and then subscribe for additional years, then they would have a huge hit on their hands. And all that for only being a Live Linux USB Install on a stick.

And you really want to know what the craziest part about all of this is? Charging for Linux is not so bad really, as long as you support it. Linspire even charges $50 for a license ,but you get support for a year or so and access to a vast library of programs setup in an app type store. Yes I know that every distro has one, but Linspire has apps that only work with their distro and some specifically built for it.

Hell, I even want to buy on of these XtraPC USB sticks to see how well everything is built and how well it will actually work on an older computer. So developers, if you are reading this, you can send me one too. :P

I have a HP Dual core Pentium that I want to try it on that runs pretty decently with some other operating system in the Linux genre.

Not to mention my Lenovo M53 Tiny PC that runs Elementary OS or even my Mid2011 MacMini with its 3rd generation quad core i5 and 16gb of ram would be a good test machine for XtraPC.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Create a Linux Live USB Drive

Hello Everyone and welcome to the Linux Minute Beginning tutorial on how to get started with Linux, and abandon all Windows.

The first thing we will need to do is determine which OS we are going to use to format the USB drive and then write the ISO or image to the drive.

I will cover a basic Linux format mainly because if you are on Linux you could be on any one of the many systems that exist. Gparted is the best software to format SD cards and USB flash drives on Linux. That will be up next in the article.

So if we are stating with Windows go ahead and navigate to the links below and down load the installer to your computer so that we may format the USB drive.

SD Formatter for Windows 10

SD Formatter for MacOSX

For Linux it is easy enough to just format a usb drive using GParted.

Watch the demonstration video

  • You can install it from Ubuntu Software Center or any other software center by searching for GParted
  • Or install from the command-line:
    • sudo apt install gparted

Or you can just use the command line.
  • This command will show the USB drive and volumes on your computer that you use:
    • lsblk 
  • You can also use:
    • df 
  • If your drive is named /dev/sdy1. then unmount it with:
    • sudo umount /dev/sdy1 
  • Now format drive with the FAT32 file system format:
    • sudo mkfs.vfat -F 32 /dev/sdy1

Now that the program is downloaded go ahead and install the program in your preferred directory.

Now that you have the program installed go ahead and open the program. Now select the drive letter that your USB drive is located at and be careful not to select your hard drive which is drive C:\ .

You can select quick format and the click on the Format button.

If you are using Windows it will format it for Fat32

If you are formatting it in MacOSX it will format it in ExFat2.

You can change to which file format you ultimately want in the settings.

The SD Card Formatter program was made for SD cards, but USB drives utlize the same memory technology so they can be used with the program as well.

Go ahead and accept that you understand that all data will be erased on the device.

Next we will need to download the program to write the ISO or image to the USB drive.

The overall best one to use is called Balena Etcher.
Click on the link to download the program.

Balena Etcher for Windows 10

Balena Etcher for MacOSX

Balena Etcher for Linux

Go ahead and click on the install program and install the program onto your machine.

Next we will go out and download a ISO file that we can use to write to our USB drive and make a Live Linux Install.


Here you can download the ISO and donate however much you want to to the developers who create these wonderful Operating systems on their own time.

Click on the download button and you will receive a prompt to download via magnet link or from a localized server. Since there are no local servers nearby we must choose the magnet link.

Download the file and then get Etcher ready for our next step by clicking install.

Now let Etcher run for the first time.

Now that we are in Etcher it is pretty easy step at this point. Just select the Image + Then select the Drive + Now Click Flash!

In a matter of no time you first USB Linux Live Install is done and ready to test out.

Just click finish and place the live Drive in any usb port of a pc you want to test out and boot that PC up.  If you have a standard PC then holding F12 will give you a boot menu where you can select your USB Drive by its name, Like mine ius called Imation so I select Imation 8GB.

Once the drive is selected press enter and the the Linux Live USB will fire up and you will be riding the Linux Lightning in no time!

You will have the option while testing, to install the Linux Operating system on the local Hard Drive, to which it will give you two options: Dual Boot or Complete wipe. I myself perform multiple OS booting Systems, but do so at your own risk.

Enjoy :)

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