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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Podcasting, Linux and a microphone

You can easily start a podcast using your computer, but what everyone does not realize is that even linux can record a podcast in near perfect quality with the base app.

Every one owns a podcast device and they do not realize it. Their cell phone. Many times just the on board microphone in the modern phones(5 years and newer) are advanced enough to record properly. You would just need to download a audio recording software or if you are lucky, you already have one on your phone. There are also many which are free and reputable.

If you have a Samsung device you can download Voice Recorder by Samsung electronics in the Galaxy store. This app records in "Interview mode" by utilizing both mics on the ends of the Samsung Galaxy phones. Even my old Galaxy 5s Has them.

If you have a Google Phone, you can download Voice Recorder by SplendApps. It can record in stereo as well or what you could call an interview mode.

For Motorola I think my Droid had a voice recorder app on it, but if not then the Voice Recorder by SplendApps is just as good. Dont listen to peoples reviews, because you have to go into the settings in the app and change the audio quality sample rate from 8kHz (old Dial Based Phone quality) to 44kHz (CD quality).

Now that I wrote this long winded post/review on it,which I will just copy and paste to my website. I think I will now buy the app. The app is only $3.15 USD and that removes all ads that it displays at the bottom.

So basically anyone can start a podcast and they already have the equipment to do it as well.

If you want a stand alone device the one that I use was moderately priced and has 3 levels of conversation you can select as well. Interview,voice dictation and crowd. The recording device is a Olympus VN-541PC. It accepts the 1/8th or 3.5mm microphone jacks. You can even buy a lapel mic that plugs into the device or a cell phone for $12 on Amazon.

So I hope that was not too long. Just some things from my experiences.


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