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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Elementary OS vs MacOS and the video editor for the win!

elementary OS 5.1 Hera desktop

Ok, I will be the first to admit it, but....I own an Apple computer. It is a Mid2011 Apple Mac Mini with a Dual Core i5 2.3 Ghz processor and  16gb of ram. As of last year Apple stopped supporting all Mid 2011 Mac Mini's, not because it was a pain to do so, but because they were no longer selling computers. Why? Because it is a known fact that Macs last forever, and I even had A Power Mac G4 AGP Sawtooth that as of last year was still receiving regular updates.

I do not know about any of you but I am not rich by any means and if I take out a loan for anything it will be for a new car, not an over priced computer "designed in Cupertino California and then built China for $80 and sold for $800.

Yes, yes I hear you. I paid that for the first one, and while this is true I thought it would last forever. That is until Steve Jobs died and like everyone else that owned Apple equipment ...we all said at the same time...I am so screwed. Steve Jobs was the only thing that was keeping the people who owned stock in the company from forcing 5 year old computer from running out of date.

Its true, they were hit with a ton of back lash and had to slide it back to 7 years and then your out of date, all on a computer that could run forever. Just ask my Power Mac G4. It is running Sierra on it. Greedy Bastards. I refuse to give them any more of my money...besides needing a new mouse. I would rather buy a knock off mouse or a used one than give them another dollar.

Now enter Elementary OS. the Mac like experience. So after this weekend of swearing and stomping around and yelling on the phone with so called geniuses,(people who read from a script and call them self a Genius on a Apple system,laughable..I know) I decided that I was going to reformat the pickled hard drive and install Elementary OS on this fine machine encased in brushed anodized aluminium case, and turn it into the Mac Mini it deserves to be. My only issue is that I use iMovie to edit my movies, so I will have to quickly find a movie program that will let me edit movies just as quickly and easily.

There are a few video editors out there. I just wish Sony Vegas was on Linux.



It is made more for the professional but at home users can find it surprisingly powerful to use. It looks just like iMovie if you have ever used it before, but behaves a slight bit off. I will have to admit that I have not used it in its last 3 releases so I will have to give this one another go.


Lightworks is a powerful editor and is free, but only if you dont want to make your videos above 720p. 1080 and 4k will require a $25 monthly license , $175 yearly or an out right purchase of $437.
Honestly it will have to be the best video editor in Linux in order for me to even think about springing that much on it.


Main window

So Pitvi so far looks like the easiest iMovie replacement so far, just in interface alone. Even on their site they make sure to state that "Pitivi respects your freedom and keeps getting better with each new release. It will never require licensing fees or use DRM to prevent you from using it whenever, wherever and however you like. Developed collaboratively by people from all around the world, its sole purpose is to be a fantastic video editor to empower people to express themselves through video. Like GStreamer and GES, Pitivi is distributed under LGPL."

I think I like that. I have even watched some of the videos they have on their site of video editing in process and it is much like iMovie. If I can download this for free along with Elemntary OS, you bet I will help sponsor the projects. If it is something that I like and something that I believe in, the I will give it a go.

So on that note I will give it a shot and post some screen grabs of when I am editing my video and post them here om the web page under a whole new article.

Have a nice night.

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