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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Xubuntu and You!

Xubuntu is not just another Operating system. It is a nice experience for a Linux experience. With a graphical interface that is already set to download or if you are lucky it is already in place, replicates the Mac OSX Operating system. The only thing that is missing is Docky, which is easily downloadable from the built in app store.

I am currently running my install on a Lenovo M53 Tiny PC that I bought on Ebay for just a measly $58 shipped. The shipping was free. So I have yet to install Docky as I am too lazy for my own good or I just have been visiting too many people for the holiday break.

This is what your desktop will look like after the initial install

I have included the screen shots that I have made from my own system. I have also  included a screen grab of Docky installed and as you can see it closely resembles that of Mac OSX. For this Tiny computer it will be  my main Operating System. I would use Windows 10, but in the new Windows 10 any browser that is not Microsoft Edge is blacked out. Quite literally. It is like looking at a black screen, which is what you are doing. be it chrome or safari, there is no page to display. Thankfully Xubuntu is friendly to all web browsers.
Here is a screen grab of  Mozilla.

When you begin to change your settings after an install you will realize how alike it is compared to MacOSX. Just accessing the settings alone will reveal a design influence from the other side of the orchard.

Then to get your dock for the bottom just select the little mouse icaon at the top right, and then select the listing called "Software". That will open up the software store for Xubuntu.

Next to install docky, just type Docky in the search area and hit the Enter key. Now we have the only selection for Docky present and we can go ahead and select install.

Now we have a dock installed! If you would like to customize the dock it is as easy just dragging and dropping icons to it till your hearts content. In this example I removed the Docky Icon because it was annoying me.

Here I added the icon back in so I can show an example of it installed. If you choose to add docky components, it will separate those components from what ever you drag and drop into the dock with a perforated divide bar. This can be removed by just creating a new dock by left clicking in an area of Docky and select create a new dock.

Ubuntu Studio is what I have installed on my other system and that I am attempting to utilize for editing purposes. It is much like iMovie and edits the same, but I am currently attempting to change some features so that I may edit more effectively than any software that is out there and available for free. Some editing software is costly and promises to edit better than iMovie but on a shoestring budget it is challenging if not infuriating to find something that does not cost and arm and a leg to download and use,

As soon as I get good at editing at videos in Ubuntu Studio I will post a article and a video on it as well, but I have an android video that I need to make and post on before I can get to that. I also need to make a video and a post on two other OS installs and reviews, not too mention I will show how to install Linux itself.

So have a happy New Year and stay safe and I hope you had a Merry Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah!

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