Monday, December 9, 2019

Lets install 3 operating systems for the week

As you can guess from the title I will be installing 3 different operating systems this weekend. Android 10 will be the first video that I create as I mentioned back in November. Since I will create the 3 videos back to back Android 10, PeachOSI and Ubuntu Studio, I will schedule the release of the other two to post on Friday of every week.

I would create more and post more often but my day job as a Network Admin takes up much of my time and pays the mortgage.  Wow I have a mortgage... I never thought I would have one of those, but at least I have a two door sports car that is a convertible. I guess it is whatever, but living in a trailer for 20 years gets to you. Moving on up.

Android 10

So the Android 10 video will be recorded later on tonight and then I will edit it and push it out around midnight, technically still Friday, but its not. To me since I have not gone to bed yet and the sun has not come up or it is not 2:30, it is still Friday to me. I blame working in fast food for warping my thoughts on that.

Since I am actually having issues uploading the Android 10 video I will continue on with making the next future videos to be uploaded. Spectrum somehow has sent the wrong update to my router and modem and now they are no longer functioning properly. So as I wait on a new device to be delivered I shall take the free time to record and edit my next selected videos.

Patriot (formerly Peach OSI)

Patriot OS

PeachOSI was developed for those who want to move from MacOSX to Linux but do not want to much of a steep learning curve, or for those who want that OSX look and feel,but not the lock down. IT actually comes in 3 variations for older systems that you can download.

Installation for Low Memory Systems systems - This is for systems with low memory capacity(RAM)
Installation for Low End Systems - This is for systems with low memory and low CPU speeds.
Installation for Minimal DVD - This option will down load the needed packages during the install process

Not to mention that there is actually 8 types of systems for download, counting 32 bit and 64 bit install as 1 system, otherwise it can get messy counting 13 systems.

  • Peach OSI for 64 bit and 32 bit systems
  • Peach TV install for PC, for that media PC build
  • Peach Kids -  a kids safe OS
  • Peach Barebones for 64 bit and 32 Bit
  • Peach Barebones Multilingual
  • Peach OSI for Netbooks 64Bit and 32 Bit
  • Peach Pi for the Raspberry PI
  • Peach Tv for the Raspberry PI

As you can see from the screen shot it does indeed closely resemble Mac OSX and it is based off of Debian/Ubuntu builds.

Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu Studio

The third video for the week will be on the Ubuntu Studio and its video editor Open Shot.  I usually have iMovie to make my edits and cuts, but we shall see how well this build and program shall take video editing on a system with 16gb of memory. I might even have to toss in my large ram sticks that hit around 64gb. Or was it 32gb.

We shall see in the upcoming video series how these operating systems function as a whole. In the mean time I will attempt to get my Android 10 bideo uploaded to YouTube. :)

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