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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Welcome to the world wide web and my journey to the Linux Environment.

Hello and good morning to everyone, as you can tell you can now access my blog just by typing in or into any browser, be it Windows IE Edge Chrome Android or Safari. I can now be easily found on all devices on all four corners of the globe.

I know you are asking, Are you sure you want to be found that easily? Oddly enough, I already can be. Now, however it is easier to find and read the blog, not to mention my YouTube videos will be now linked up into the blog. All I have to do is paste the YouTube URL and blammo, the video is in the blog ready for viewing.

One of my first few videos will be of checking out some Linux Distros such as FreeSpire and LinSpire as time and money permits. So to begin with I will go for the jugular of the Linux throat and review and install the ones I know first.

The first Linux platform I had experience with was Fedora Red Hat and that was back in 1998. My son was just born and my daughter was already hitting Terrible two's and we just bought our first house. I had to buy a budget computer from Computer Renaissance, yes that one, and since they installed pirated Windows 98 system I could not reinstall,but they were reported to Microsoft. Apparently so much that the Redmond Washington...knew who they were, some rinky dink operation from Central IL. That is when you know you made enemies with Big Willy, but I digress.

I attempted the install of Redhat Linux, which cost me $75, which was still pricey in 1998 on a wage of $10 with a wife and two kids. What pissed me off the most that after following the instructions in the manual it installed but did not boot up to the GUI at all. At that time I did not know enough about Linux to know how to boot to the GUI interface, so I was red in the face. After some guru recommended this operating system to me and I had to tinker with it for god knows how long and never made it to the desktop. My then wife was at her nerves ends, and so was I.

Then one day someone loaned me a disc install set that I found kind of odd. It was a white CD jacket like case made from cardboard and it had a green lizard on the front of the cover. Yes, you guessed it. I was given a fresh new set of install discs for opensSUSE. I found this install just as technical as Fedora RH, but it did not bother me as much since I had went through the motions before. This time, this OS asked me if i wanted to boot to a command line interface or a graphical user interface or desktop.

Of course I chose the desktop, that is what I was wanting after all. With a few more commands I was jumping out to the internet(dial up) and grabbing drivers I needed for my graphics card and sound card. The funny thing I remember about this Linux install is that it was on store bought discs, but as of today I have yet to find them anywhere in store. Maybe Wal-Mart carried them at the time. They carry Linux now at my local store. lol

I was satisfied with the install and it wasn't going to play any games, but at least i could do my classes online and check my emails and look for better paying jobs, better than security guard. There were a few, some I even received offers for but I was Y2k scared at the time and Security Officers was a recession proof and Y2K proof job. I could of accepted a job at 65k a year, but that is the past and I was told not to dwell on it.

openSUSE was a nifty operating system and looked nice for its time, but I think it is time I give it another go and check it out. I think I will give RedHat another chance as well when i burn through this distro listing.

The third Linux OS I had experience with was Ubuntu, then Kubuntu, which we used in Linux class. RedHat provided the books but not an OS for free. At least Microsoft doe s that much. :p

Her is a listing of all the Linux distros I have had experience with, in order

1998 RedHat
1998 openSUSE
2004 FreeSpire
2004 LinSpire
2005 Ubuntu
2005 Kubuntu
2010 Pinguy
2012 Xubuntu
2014 Rasbian
2015 Linux Mint
2019 Peach OSI

These are the first set that I will run on live installs and the install onto disk and run basic commands and compare.

Have a good day and don't forget, or just will bring you back with no hassles.