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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Linux USB to serial DB9(RS232) Cisco IOS configuration appliance.

You would think it would be easy to install a USB to DB9 serial converter on a raspberry pi and you would be forgiven for being wrong. There are so many hoops to jump through  to get it to work and then all the instructions out on the Internet  only setup for headless mode. I want to set up a RPi to be my main Cisco Configuration Appliance. What my plan is , installing a RPi 3 or 0 into a small box, such as the one that comes in the 7 inch display case. I can then use a fold out Bluetooth keyboard to type into the terminal and or Putty.

I think this would come in very handy when studying for my Cisco Certifications because I can experiment on defunct switches that are not really dependable anymore but all the command codes work. When I say dependable, I mean that a company would no longer use them, but home use would be no issue since Quality of service is not really required.

I still have yet to get the interface working. I was able to get it to register with the correct command line and what not , which I will be posting soon since no one has it posted correctly.

I might have even found some drivers that work correctly since they were made by the company that manufactured the device. They have RedHat drivers but I am sure that I can get the source code. Then I can build them for Debian. Shouldn't be too much. :P

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