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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Linspire 8.5 and Freespire 5.0 have risen from the grave like the walking dead!

I know people are going to say its old news, technically 1.8 years now but hey, I never heard about it and I am in a few Linux Reddit forums. Probably full of English majors that cant get a job anyway. :P

I used to own a copy of Linspire 1.7 and then 2.0 back when it was called Lindows back in 2002, and I even had a subscription to its online store, Which was free subscription, so I could download any program that I needed and it would install magically for me. I liked the OS so much I installed it on my 3 whole computers that I had in my bedroom. On of them I turned into a media center PC and just downloaded movies and anime to it and it had a DVI out that was plugged into a sharp PG-M20X Projector with a Sony surround sound system. Watching Stargate on it was the bomb dizzle yo.

With Linspire I used it all through out college and then when I graduated in 2009 in the middle of a recession and got a job at State Farm in Bloomington, it was no more than 1 year before that point that they stopped updating Linspire and in 2010 the website was taken over by a Chinese green tea Company.

Gone was Linspires website

Instead you can now get linspire from this address.

You can also download Freespire from this link, and yes it is free in cost, as the name implies.

It is pretty stable but it is not new. It is reborn though and carries on its distro number to 5.0. I had Lindows installed on my AMD Athlon 64x Machine back in the day(2003) before Microsoft sued them to change the name. I did put FreeSpire on many machines and kept Linspire on my main computer all throughout college. I wrote many a term paper on that beautiful Linux machine. It had green and blue matching cold cathode lights installed. :P

I do have to admit that Linspire is a pretty OS and there are people out there that try to say its not an exciting operating system. What do you call exciting? constantly having to type grep commands or apt-get. So lets get real. A OS can not be exciting because it is what it is, an operating system for to focus and do your work, and maybe play. So take your adderall and go back to Mac OSX and keep your 10 year old opinions out of the way of grown ups who can see the values of a good system and enjoy a desktop that looks good.

Linspire comes with a software store and I can not tell if it is installed with Freespire as of yet, but they are good distributions. It is now time to install and dig through these two OS'es and see what the difference between free and With Support truly mean.

It is time to install the FreeSpire once again!