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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

I know you havin girls problems , I feel bad for ya son. I got 99 problems but a blog aint one.

Like the titular title states, I have many problems but a blog aint one. I only seem to be having a problem finding a program that did stop development back in 2015 when Blogger became a thing. All that leaves is blogger, which has no Linux or Chrome Extension presence and WordPress.

Honestly why cant life be simple. Why cant I find a device 25% the size of a laptop at 10% of the price and be able to post to blogs wiki's and write short stories with. Every one who made an os with one has went bankrupt or is about to go bankrupt because of greed.  

Take Free Writer for instance.  This technology uses a e-ink display and judging by its response time is using a $35 screen and a Raspberry Pi 0 like mother board with lithium battery pack. Then they make the list price for $500?  Yeah greed got the best of them, for every 1% that buys one of those ill gotten units...99% of use just use a RPI 0 with a Bluetooth keyboard and a LCD screen. 

Am I too judgmental?  Yes.  Paying $500 for those machines is a good bargain? No. Maybe $200 but no more than that. I am building one using a RPI but I cant seem to even find an app that will work anymore, even with the email clients. Maybe if I just give in and get WordPress it could be enough.