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Monday, November 4, 2019

Focus writer is a focused pain.

I have been trying to setup Focus writer for a week now so it can send updates to my blog instead of me typing out over the web. Instead I have found an odd solution inside LibreOffice which is called LibreWriter which is included in LibreOffice has an interesting feature inside its settings that let you set up an email client program so that you can type out a document and upload it via email to a blogging type program.

Of course I am not addressing the elephant in the room that everyone has already started to write comments about...why not just type out your blog in whatever software you have chosen and then server it from you Raspberry Pi 3?

The answer is simple. I would have to setup a remote connection(VPN) so that I could connect to the RPi server at home(or whatever spare PC is laying around to be injected with Raspbian Linux) so that when I do blog on my Pi or my phone it sends it to the blog folders. Maybe a special folder setup in a Google Drive blog folder or something.

In fact I think I might do that anyway just because of the technical aspect of it. The real trick would be attempting to get the server to connect to the site all the time without a dedicated static IP address. I am not sure if Spectrum offers those in the Madison WI are or not. I will document more on what is going on as things move along. I might even be able to write to my blog from a 4gtablet that I own that has a keyboard case for it. No it is no iPad. It is Android based.

Of course all of these programs are free to download and use. I even once thought about purchasing Wordpress’s Visual Editor. At least I think you have to pay. We shall find out soon enough.

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