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Monday, November 18, 2019

Are you safe from YouTube?

Are you safe from YouTube and being deleted for not making money?

I know I am safe from them both as I am monetized and I have set my channel to "Not kid Friendly" after all the US Government can not say that Linux videos are interesting for children. Now my gaming videos might become targeted, but then again they were not really marked for children, just in case I flew off the handle.  lol

YouTube clarifies the misunderstanding on the monetization issue on their Twitter Account.

I am quoting exactly what Team YouTube stated:

" To clarify, the commercially viable section is not about terminating an account because it is not making money or not being in the YouTube Partner Program. It is about discontinuing certain features or parts of the service because they are outdated or have low usage. This does not impact creators or viewers in new ways."

Rewording of the Terms of Agreement

This actually does make me feel better about the situation. After all I am in both programs Monetized and YPP, I just have to make sure my video game videos fall into line with the regulations of the United States Government.

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